Early History
看看 看The rocket has a rather interesting past. What is in here is some of what we know and a lot of what we have figured out. I have talked to many people about the rocket. Everyone has had their own version of the story, but there is a lot of things that we thought were true that were just wishful thinking. I will try to sort fact from fiction here. Here are some facts that, to the best of our knowledge are true:
1. 看The rocket was built in the early 1950蘗s for the Luer Meat Company, which was located in the meat packing district near south Los Angeles, California.
2. The rocket was (we surmise) built by Standard Carriage Works which was located about 1/4 mile from Luer Meat Company at the time. Standard Carriage works built things of this type for many customers in the western USA.
3. The rocket was patterned after the Space Patrol Terra IV. This conclusion came from the Lunar Fleet Base promo package shown above. Look on the envelope at the rocket. it is the spitting image of my rocket!
4. The rocket sat somewhere in California in a desert area for a while. It is not known who owned it at this time. I came to this conclusion from these pictures here.
5. The rocket was purchased by Rodney Welch for his amusement park in Prescott Valley, Arizona sometime in the early 1980蘗s.
What we know up to now...