Hello! My Name is Steve LaVigne and I own half of the Luer Rocket, also known as the Prescott Rocket or the Meat Rocket. I have owned it for over 20 years. There is quite a lot of history that we know about this rocket. There also is quite a lot of myth associated with this rocket. This website will attempt to tell the story as we know it and dispel some of the rumors that have been going around about its place in history.
You should have a lot of fun here because the story has a few interesting twists! You will also discover just what the love of man and machine can do!
Check back often to see what is new, as this is a work in progress, just like the Rocket itself is. Please feel free to contact me if you have a new piece of the puzzle, as I am always looking for new parts of the story. If you would like to see the rocket in person, please contact me first, as people just showing up on the property are generally not let in. If you contact me first, I will give you the grand tour. Its much more fun!
Start on this page and check all the other pages out!
Welcome to the official Luer Rocket website!